5 Sales Tips I Learned From My Roomba – Stevie


Stevie has changed my life!

When Stevie arrived via Amazon Prime, I was like a 4 year old on Christmas. I had wanted a Roomba for several years and after hearing raving reviews from my boss and our tech guru I was convinced I had to get one. Stevie has not disappointed! In fact, Stevie inspired me the first day. I stood in awe as my little Robot went right to work vacuuming my home like it had never been cleaned before. I still find myself at times just watching him as he maneuvers around  the many obstacles in our house.

Here are the 5 things Stevie has taught me so far.

  1. Be Consistent  Stevie cleans 7 days a week for 2 solid hours a day. Once Stevie leaves his docking station he is all business. He works non stop with only one goal in mind. He is out to find as much hair, dust and dirt as he can. I am shocked each time I dump his daily findings. As sales people, imagine how much we could accomplish each day if we consistently worked 2 hours every day with one singular purpose in mind. If we could be unwavering in the pursuit of our most important never changing goal.
  2. Don’t expect to get it all done at once  While Stevie does a great job cleaning each time he takes off on his daily search and capture missions, he doesn’t have the capacity to gather much more than a handful of debris. So, he does his best each day and collects all he can, but he never gets it all in a single outing. We as sales people need to have the same mindset if we are to build long lasting relationships. Trust is the underlying glue for any relationship and you rarely build trust instantly. Rather, you gain a bit more each day you show up and do what others expect from you.
  3. Take time to recharge your batteries. One of the most amazing features of a Roomba is its ability to automatically return to its charging station after cleaning. After working at a brisk pace for over an hour, Stevie knows he needs to find his home to recharge his batteries. We are no different. We need to recharge each night if we are going to be are best each day. I know it is a cliche but taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally are essential to perform at a peak level.
  4. It is good to ask for help. On Stevie’s third day, I found him stopped in the middle of a room. I assumed his battery had run out, but to make sure I pushed his on button and to my surprise I hear Stevie say, “Please clean my rollers.” I didn’t even know he talked let alone he might have a clue his rollers needed cleaning. So I flipped him over and found more hair than I care to admit! So if you find yourself stuck or something is in your way, open your mouth and ask for help. Others have most likely encountered the same issue or something similar. For me, simply asking for help forces me to re-look at the issue in a new light and out of nowhere pops up a great new idea.
  5. Don’t complain. The thing I like most about Stevie and have taken away is not complaining. Stevie just goes about his work. I have bribed, begged and threatened other family members to vacuum. My request inevitably would be met with constant whimpers and whines about the tortures of vacuuming our home. Stevie has taught me to keep my mouth quiet and just get to work. Complaining about a task doesn’t do anything to help in its accomplishment and surely doesn’t make it anymore enjoyable for me or those around me.

Stevie has at least 5 more tips but I’ll save those for another day!