Powerful Book, Powerful Content!

Extreme Ownership

Let me start by confessing I am enamored by our Navy Seals. It all began when my best friend from high school, Tom, entered the navy. Tom was one of the craziest, yet smartest people I had ever met. While home after attending basic training in 1985, he told a story about his brief encounter with a group of Navy Seals who for some reason were helping with the swimming portion of his class’s training. I simply recall Tom saying to the effect, “These guys are nuts!” A couple of years later when Tom was deployed to an attack sub, he described again these crazy Navy Seals. All he knew was they would deploy underwater them from the sub and then they would return to the sub after completing clandestine missions. According to Tom, not a soul on the submarine had any idea what they had done or where they had been. His descriptions of them made them sound as if they were superhuman. So you can imagine how enthralled I was to watch in 2002, Navy Seals: BUD Class 234 which followed 80 candidates and their efforts to be Navy Seals. Watching these men being pushed to their absolute limits under continuous stress while being required to complete tasks precisely was awe inspiring. Since then many feats of Navy Seals have been relayed to the public, yet they are still masked by a cloak of secrecy. So you can imagine my delighted to learn two Navy Seals had written a book on leadership. Yes, my two favorite subjects Navy Seals and Leadership. I was geek’d out to say the least!

The book covers all the important principals of leadership, but the most important lesson is: everyone is a leader and when you are a leader you have to look at yourself first. What is your role? How did you effect the outcome? The book is full of powerful illustrations from both the battle fields of Iraqi and the competitive environment of corporate America. This is truly one of the most complete yet concise books I have read on leadership. It combines the concepts from all the greatest books written on the subject and delivers them in a way only Navy Seals could. I strongly encourage you to read this book if you want to be the best, lead the best and Win! As the Navy Seals say, “It pays to be a winner!”


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