Facebook Experiment


Recently, a colleague told me a Facebook post that is shared by several people just after it is published is more likely to be placed into other people’s news feeds. Being a skeptic, I decided to run an experiment to test this theory. I sent a simple text message to 30 people (friends, co-workers and clients) asking them to share and comment on a post I had made regarding the Portland Real Estate market.

What my 30 “test” subjects didn’t know was that they were actually the experiment. I wanted to see how many of the 30 would actually follow-up on my request. I was shocked by the results. Out of the 30 requests, 25 people shared and commented on my post which was 83%! The 5 that didn’t complete the request? 2 close family members and 2 people were out-of-town on vacation and they asked if were too late to participate the next day.

What can be learned from this little experiment? If you ask people to help you, they will. Take a minute and think of one thing that others could do to help you in your career, with your family or to grow your business and then run your own experiment.

Below are 4 keys to increase the likelihood your request gets carried out:

  • Make them feel special for being asked
  • Make sure the ask is clearly stated
  • Create a sense of urgency for it to be completed
  • Thank them in advance for helping you

Last thought, I truly did want to learn if my post got extra eyeballs. I know without a doubt it did, but since the post wasn’t a video Facebook didn’t display the number of views. So looks like I’ll have to try it again but I’ll use a video next time.


Let me know what you think....

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