The New Head Shot

No one thinks twice about spending a few bucks on a well done head shot. We get our head shot and we place it everywhere. We put it on our business cards, our signature lines on our emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, our websites, our blogs and on our marketing materials.

Traditional head shots where designed for a “paper” world in the sense that it was a big deal at some point to have your picture on printed materials, but we are living less and less in a “paper” world. We now live in the digital age where everyone has access to the internet and moving images have replaced the still photography of the past. While I still fully believe a head shot is important. It is ever more important to have a head shot that better matches the world in which we currently reside.

So, a 30 to 60 second self promoting well done video is the new head shot. Below you’ll find my recently completed video head shot. I’d love to hear your feedback and what suggestions you have for creative ways such a video could be utilized.


Let me know what you think....

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