12 Lessons from Candy Crush

candy-crushI personally have never played Candy Crush for the simple fact I’ve watched too many others become obsessed with the game. I sort of viewed it as a form of social media “meth” for adults. However, my wise friend and colleague Scott Koch was sucked into the seedy seductive world of Candy Crush and has come out the other side even wiser. Below you’ll find the 12 lessons he learned while wasting precious moments of his life.

That’s right folks, Candy Crush is not just a mindless way to spend a few minutes escaping reality.

As I have been “stuck” on level 147 for some time now, it occurred to me that I should not follow my first instinct which would be to erase the game and move onto the next puzzle game that looks interesting.
If you have a smart phone, tablet or any other electronic interactive gadget and you have been able to avoid the Candy Crush craze, then I applaud you, however for the rest of us that have got caught up in this cute yet challenging game, I offer you some comfort as you look back on all the hours that you have wasted and will never get back. These hours are not completely wasted as there are lessons to be learned… in Candy Crush.

  1.  The game starts easy and gets harder, kind of like life.
  2. There is always a next level to overcome, life constantly gives us challenges.
  3. Planning helps you win easier, but a little luck doesn’t hurt either. You cannot plan for everything in life, there are twist and turns along the way.
  4. Just when you think you know what you are doing a new element is added. Life never gets boring.
  5. When you fail a level, you learn what you did wrong and know how to do it right the next time. This only applies if you learn from your mistakes, if you don’t then you are “stuck” at that level.
  6. The first move you see is not always the best move, look at all your options first and then make an informed decision.
  7. Ignoring the bombs won’t make them go away, they just explode later ending that round and erasing all the work you have done to that point. I think you get the point on that one.
  8. Failing a level is not permanent neither is winning a level, there is always another round ahead. If you fail at something learn from it, if you succeed, take a moment to smile and then move on to the next challenge.
  9. There is great satisfaction on beating a tough level, none on beating an easy one. This applies to all the obstacles we face in life, are you up for the challenge or do you want to take the easy way?
  10. You can pay for cheats and if you do, you will not be prepared for the next levels coming and will be set up for failure. Taking short cuts in life do not pay off in the long run, if anything they will make your life harder.
  11. When you are stuck, you can always reach out for help from your friends. No explanation needed.
  12. There is nothing like the satisfaction you get when you finally beat that tough level. Life may not be easy, but it does have its rewards for persistence and hard work.

This is only a small sampling of lessons to be learned from a free game!!

So even when you think you are wasting time, you may be learning a lesson that can change your life or approach to life. You just have to look for it!

Scott Koch, Territory Manager/VP, Sterling Bank



  1. Tammy · September 28, 2013

    I guess the lessons weren’t nearly so profound. I just deleted ruzzle from my phone so that I would stop.

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