CAVU – Ceiling And Visiablity Unlimited

CAVU is an acronym used by pilots to describe ideal flying weather. I can only imagine the massive anticipation a fighter pilot must feel as he sits his cockpit on a CAVU day. Knowing you can fly as high as you want and see for miles must be unbelievably thrilling.

As leaders we sit in office chairs, cabs of trucks or huddled over a laptop somewhere in the world perched to take off for a productive day. While the weather outside may or may not have any bearing on what’s accomplished or gained, the outlook we have in our minds does. When we have a clear vision of how we want to positively impact the world and when we don’t place undue restraints on our dreams then the sky is the limit.

“Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.”            ~ Charles F Kettering (American engineer and inventor)

Have you set a ceiling on your potential?

How unlimited is the vision you have for yourself or company?



  1. Lisa H · July 11, 2012

    Your key word is “positive,” whether it be attitude, impact, or influence. I like the analogy of our minds being like the weather. Nice post…Thanks!

    • Chris Antrim · July 11, 2012

      Thanks Lisa. Yes being positive goes along way. We control so little in life, yet we can easily forget that the one thing we fully control is our attitude! Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  2. Tammy · July 15, 2012

    I think we let many things set a ceiling on our potential. How do we stop that or better yet, how do we get others to stop it?

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