The Super Heros of Praise Know How to Be


  • Be Positive Catch them doing it right and praise them!
  • Be Precise  What exactly did they do or say? What was the impact of the their action?
  • Be Personal Make it sincere, from the heart, special to the recipient.
Anyone can see what isn’t going right and I guess that is why we commonly say, “everyone’s a critic.” Being a critic is easy. It requires no true talent. You simply need to be able to express your negatives feelings and to point out everything you think is wrong.
Not everyone is able to see the positive. Fewer yet are able to clearly articulate what exactly a person did that was so impactful. Effective elite leaders deliver their praise in a genuinely heartfelt sincere personal manner.
If you want to be the best leader you can, then I strongly encourage you to take the time to learn how to consistently focus on the good which surrounds your life, learn how to clearly state your thankfulness for others contributions and deeply know those around you.
How have you been perceiving your world?
Who have you thanked?
What is the positive impact others have upon your world?
How much of an effort do you make to sincerely know others?
Our worlds are framed entirely by our points of views.

Let me know what you think....

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