“Good Job” Isn’t Enough

Far too often leaders get lazy when it comes to providing meaningful praise. Average leaders tend to give mediocre uninspiring praise and then are surprised to learn the recipients of their praise don’t feel overly appreciated. It is easy to see why an average leader might not recognize they are falling short in showing their appreciation. When have you ever seen someone get upset when they hear they’ve done a “good job”? It is exactly for this reason average leaders can go years without realizing they’ve mindlessly squandered countless opportunities to vastly improve employee satisfaction levels and improve team member engagement. I am going to dedicate my next few blogs to helping leaders understand the importance of praise and the secrets to delivering meaningful positive feedback.

As the economy improves, so will the job opportunities for better employees, so retaining them is a must for the best companies. According to the book How Full is Your Bucket?, the #1 reason people leave their jobs: – I am sure you guessed it – is they don’t feel appreciated. Getting extremely proficient at providing powerful praise is by far the least expensive way to retain high impact employees. More startling according to the same book is the fact that 65% of American workers report they receive no recognition in the workplace each year. It is clear we as leaders can do a better job in our efforts to recognize other’s contributions.

My next blog will unlock the 4 keys to providing powerful pin point praise.



  1. M. Murphy · March 2, 2012

    “providing powerful pin point praise….” — a phase of ‘alliteration-al genius’

  2. Kevin Hamilton · March 3, 2012

    Praise …. for your blog.

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