Hope for 2012

It is that time of year again when we must pause and reflect on the past year. Many will have highlights of goals met and lasting changes made. More will admit good intentions were short-lived and 2011 goals went unachieved. So we are faced with the question, what will be our goals in the coming year. Will I have the courage to sincerely set new expectations for myself? I hope you do even if you have never met past resolutions. While hope, is not a method to achieving goals, it is essential if one is ever going to set a goal.

So I hope and wish you all have many goals for the coming year. I didn’t fully achieve any of my goals from 2011, but I did make strides in their direction. Now is the time to cheer the progress we made, face the truth of our short comings, and dream of a better tomorrow.

Best wishes for you and your families in 2012!



  1. Sally Mom · December 28, 2011

    Beautiful, honest thoughts and projections to strive for. My goal is to work harder at being more involved with family and working harder at volunteer activities. I also think it important to learn another language and take great care of this vehicle carrying around our soul! Harder then it sounds but a great and worthwhile challenge.
    So glad you are back blogging. What a good writer you are and wishing you and your family a wonderful, happy healthy NEW YEAR!

  2. nursemyra · January 14, 2012

    looks like I’m the only person who chose “happy with myself”

    • Chris Antrim · January 16, 2012

      I think it is wonderful that you are “happy with yourself.” But, I wouldn’t say working on things in your life means you can’t be overall happy with yourself. I guess my only point is they aren’t mutually exclusive feelings. 🙂

      I hope you have a wonderful fullfilled 2012 and I wish more people were “happy with themselves” like you are.

  3. nursemyra · January 16, 2012

    Thanks chris

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