Heidi Montag and a Better You?

Last year about this time I was thinking about Heidi Montag. It happened when I was going through the checkout stand at Albertson. I had spied on the cover of a US Weekly’s before and after pictures of Ms. Montag.

Unfortunately, I can never skip an opportunity to engage strangers in arbitrary conversations so I blurted out,  to my ambiguously gendered checker and the 20-something guy standing behind me,“I don’t care what everyone is saying!  I think she looks better now.”  And as if that wasn’t enough, I felt the need to clarify my point.  So I added, “Not that she was ugly before and not that she looks natural now, but I think you have to admit she looks better.” 

The checker was eager to engage in conversation, quipped back a challenge of, “But, she can’t even cry now thanks to all the plastic surgery she’s had.”  At this point, the guy behind me couldn’t help but to participate in the Heidi debate.  He mocked, “Yea, like that’s a bad thing!  I wish my girlfriend looked like that and couldn’t cry.”  We all shared an odd chuckle and I made a mental challenge to myself right then to make Heidi the focal point of a future post.

So being super excited to pound out my best blog post ever (I know you are thinking, like that would be difficult), I spouted off to everyone on my way to my office that I had decided to write about Heidi Montag.  I asked Nicki to immediately begin scouring the internet for the best before and after pictures to include.  She muttered fears of IT freezing her computer and her getting fired. Undaunted, I said I’ll take the fall, just do it!

Poor Katie Nelson has the office next mine and witnessed our exchange. Being so elated, I explained to her my plans to embark on my greatest post to date. Morever, I expected her totally agree with me that my idea was genius.  To my surprise, she launched into a tirade about how all of Heidi’s changes were all “Artificial Improvements!” I argued back that well at least she is seeking to improve herself even if it isn’t the best example of how to improve oneself in a deep and meaningful way.  Our debate continued until I had to admit she had vastly improved the content of my original Heidi idea! Katie’s parting words were, “I doubt most people even know who she is.”

So, if you hadn’t figured it out yet, I was going to make the point that it is hip, cool and modern to improve yourself and I had planned to use Heidi Montag as today’s poster child for such self-improvement – albeit a bit extreme and superficial. While I personally am neither pro nor con on plastic surgery, I am often amazed at how much time and energy we use working on our outer appearances instead of focusing inward. Like it or not, our inner selves have a way of being way more apparent to the public than our outer appearances. 

What are you working to improve?  When was the last time you sought feedback for yourself?  Skill practice is the equivalent of doing aerobics and lifting weights when you are working on your physical appearance. What are your practice regiments? 

In the middle of writing this Terri, my boss, poked her head in my office and asked me what I was working on.  Excited to begin the Heidi debate all over again I piped up, “I am writing my blog and its about Heidi Montag!” To which Terri cheerfully replied, “Great, who’s that?”  Maybe Katie was right and no one knows who Heidi Montag is, but I think you do.  I also know you probably don’t care about her, either!

Have a Merry Christmas and consider the following quote from the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Sanger. “Beauty fades, but stupid last forever.”



  1. Tammy · December 27, 2011

    So, I don’t know that I’ve ever spent this much time deciding what to comment. First admission, I had to google her – I’ve never heard of her. Apparently there were 10 surgeries from which she nearly died such as brow lifting, ear pinning and at least 2 breast enhancements. Does she look better? Apparently some think so. Part of me thinks, Yeah, you go for it. If it makes her feel better and apparently it does, then why not? The other part thinks that its a bit sad that her self definition is so physical and that she didn’t (or at least we don’t know) work on the internal. Still, do I feel better when I’ve lost a few pounds? Absolutely. It just takes more work that lying on the surgeon’s table.

  2. Chris Antrim · December 27, 2011

    The fact you had to Google her is sign you clearly spend your time more wisely than 95% of the rest of us Americans. I share your thoughts regarding plastic surgery for myself, so I am back to my two rules regarding my health in 2013. One, I will be consciously aware of what I put in my mouth. Two, I will get some form of exercise each day.

  3. Lisa H · December 27, 2011

    I had to look up her also. Well, I guess if it makes her feel better, go for it. Personally, I think she looks better before her surgeries; she looks more like a real person before all the changes she made to her body.
    Is there a few things I’d like to change about my physical body? Sure! Will I ever have them done? Most likely no. I try to work on those things I can work on myself–being kinder to others, keeping my mind and body active, and eating healthy (kinda goes with my new-year’s resolutions, too.).

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